Reluctant Assassin

Reluctant Assassin - (Coming Soon)

It all started in the Armed Services Committee, where one member suggested that even though we have specially trained active duty Special Ops units, the National Guard is forced to do on the job training. Her proposal was to take one or two highly qualified individuals and, at Government expense, and send them through basic training with such units as the Navy Seals, Army Rangers and the Marine Corp Raiders, as well as a quick course with the FBI.

Martin Van Fleet was selected from California, and after agreeing to extend his enlistment for another 4 years he was promptly sent off and finished off with six weeks at Quantico. It was hard to imagine this mild-mannered Dutchman, husband and father of two little girls, was now a highly trained Sniper and Special Ops operative.

So far his country had not called for his talent’s, but one dark night in the desert outside Palm Springs, by no fault of his own he was caught in the middle of a Mafia Family feud. With his family wounded, when caught in a hail of gun fire, Marty rises to the occasion and returns fire killing one member and driving the attackers away. The remaining Mafia boss wants to show his gratitude and rushes his injured family to the Hospital and offers to repair his vehicle. Their he tells Marty he wants him and his family to come to his house in Palm Springs for dinner where he will continue to show his appreciation for saving his life.

The dinner turned into an offer of a significant amount of money and the opportunity to reap revenge on the Family that devested his family. Marty is very naive about the inner workings of the Mafia, when he finds himself a hunted man from both Mafia Families, he will have to utilize all his training and skills to not only stay alive but to deliver such havoc on both Families that it leaves both devastated and leader less.

With that done Marty takes his family and goes off the grid in Colorado, all the while under the watchful eye of the FBI.