With the publishing of my first book One Hour Guide to New Business Startup, I have found an outlet for the many years of experience and evolving situations that have followed me down life’s path.  As I look forward to the writing of other ONE HOUR GUIDE books utilizing the knowledge gained from a variety of Corporate positions and Small Business ownerships, I will attempt to impart real world understanding and insight into subjects that relate to your everyday living.

You may have noticed I do not have half the alphabet listed behind my name.  Although I will give credit to the academics of the world, I don’t believe you can ever replace the hands-on experience of actually doing something, which brings to mind the old adage “you can’t buy experience.”

We have all had exposure to life’s unending encounters, it is all about how we deal with those situation, if it is negative do we let it drag us down or do we treat it as a challenge to be overcome,  if it is positive do we build on it and let it take us even higher.  The ONE HOUR GUIDE series is designed to give you food for thought allowing you to apply what you have read to your own unique situation.